Here I am, sporting my new hat Eli bought me in Steamboat Springs. Yeah Steamboat! It's so close to us, we have decided we're going back sooner, rather than later

We were so excited to run into this guy AGAIN. We had seen him at the beginning of our trip in the Tetons and now, 10 days later, here he was! He was as thrilled to see us, as we were to see him. He was in much better spirits, had met up with his friends, was going to the hotsprings,clothes was good. Talking to him, stirred something in Eli and I. What about doing something like that???

From here it was a push to get home so I could go to work.  We ended up staying in Hot Sulpher Springs and leaving early in the am so I could get to my writing class in Denver by 10:30.  Wow.  That left us riding over Bertha Pass in the freezing rain at 7am. Brrrr.  But we are both very sure that our stay at Hot Sulpher Springs (with little hot springs that go up the hill) were well worth it!

Sad to be home 🙁 .  Love the adventure of traveling, especially by motorcycle!



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