Fall has been beautiful this year in the mountains and now its come to the city…I love the reds especially.  I have Soo pictures from this year.  Just when I think I’ve had plenty, I see a picture that I cannot resist taking!  This last weekend we took a Motorcycle/Camping trip up to the mountains and I didn’t even bring my camera……which I deeply regretted because the pictures were even better!  One in particular I remember was riding on a little dirt road through an Aspen grove and the yellow leaves blowing off.  It was snowing gold with a sharp blue blue sky as we cruised through on the motorcycles.  Wow!  More photos…..eventually 🙂

3 thoughts on “Trips to the Mountains for the leaves”

  1. Maybe this aspen shot is the one you were describing for me…I didn’t realize you were so good with a camera! Beautiful stuff. Nice talent to have if you’re going to spend a lot of time astride an engine rounding curves around here.

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