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WindRiverReservation, Wyoming

May 31st, 2012 · No Comments · La Vida

Harsh landscape bony underfoot with just enough softness to invite you to its bony surface.  The horizon line far out the sky far reaching broad and extending creating space.  Space to be quiet space to meet yourself space to take a deep breath and relax space for time to slow down, space for you cells to absorb the sounds of the meadow lark, the far off wooping cries from the kids, running free through the willows. Sounds of the river. Space to be masculine and be wild space to be feminine and to care, deeply lovingly about all that you are seeing.  Space for anything and everything to occur, unravel. Expectations evaporate making space for bigger things, bigger things within you, bigger things in the landscape to reveal themselves….the synchronization of many small things, coming together into one big thing….as big as you are capable seeing in your vision.

Slow, intentionful talk.  Speaking the wide, sweeping vision into the narrow tunnel of words that are used to understand this vision.

The softness of the sage the hard packed dirt around the rocks, which have been heated and cooled many times.  Where people from far and wide have offered their water over and over again.  People with a variety of different inner landscapes, illuminated by the intensity of the heat coming from the rocks.  A rock like hardness from all the contrasts.

The softness of the Eagle feather, inviting you in to its center in contrast to the stringy longer stretches.

One of the many things that I feel I have taken away from the reservation is  from the people from the land I have learned to slow…to care to notice to listen to pay attention to accept to understand the long way.  To not push


I am an open meadow with vital acceptance flowing through me.  Slow intentionfull. I am accepting of myself, I have learned this….my words come out kind of slow and I say things in weird ways and work hard for seemingly every word.  I’m hard on myself, why can’t I just say it quick and articulate and in a way the the fast listeners will hear me and see me and I will transmit my experience to them fully.  Today I’m accepting of my way.  We all communicate differently and your way is unique and one of its own.  On the reservation, there was time, time to speak your way, say your vision and appreciate your  vison and the land lends to a wider listening space, a listening space for whatever may unfold, not a contained intentioned controlled listening space, but a broad one for whatever may flow out. And it is beautiful It is poetic. It is in harmony with the landscape because your spirit and soul are in harmony with the landscape because as little kids you are learning to see out, to understand things in broader more accepting terms.  No sheltered, directed purposeful realities are framed and placed on you…Stories are told, stories allowing you to visualize and weave your own emotions and feel the honor and respect to your core because it is coming from you and what you have interwoven with the story. How you have taken it and integrated it with your own experiences and understanding of how things work and what it is like.  It is uniquely yours and enjoyed by all.


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