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June 2012

I love this picture

largely because the experience was SOO much fun!  Lost in the swamp for what seemed like ages, bushwacking through willows,following Quami, our fearless leader of about 8 years old, who was communicating to his cousin, who was no where to be found and was with the group we were looking for, with loud wooping sounds, like bird cries.  It was like I had walked right back into childhood.

Morning Walk yesterday

These summer mornings are delicious.  I’m loving the coolness of the am, I just want to drink them in.  I wake as early as I can to enjoy……especially because the days are SO hot!  This is reminding me of Mexico days….

Father’s Day Colorado Moto Ride

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Here’s my Dad!  We are on top of Guenella Pass, which goes from George Town to Grant.  They just finished paving it and it is Niceeeeeee!  Fun riding 🙂 Exploring some of the little roads, one of my very favorite things to do! Ironically I had camped in this very spot a few years ago.  Waking up to this view is …….not bad!

This is what I need to work on….

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Awesome poem by Rumi: Join yourself to friends and know the joy of the soul. Enter the neighborhood of ruin with those who drink to the dregs. Empty the glass of your desire so that you won’t be disgraced. Stop looking for something out there and begin seeing within. Open your arms if you want an embrace. Break the earthen idols and release the radiance. Why get involved with a hag like this world? You know what it will cost.… Read More »This is what I need to work on….