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August 2012

Kindred Spirits

I feel like I met a kindred spirit this weekend!!  Wow, it’s so special when that happens :-).  We talked about one of my favorite books; Quiet by Susan Cain.  I went to Susan Cain’s website and found that Brene Brown (one of my favorite researchers) had interviewed her.  I just LOVED Susan’s answer to the question…… What inspires you?  “The feeling I get when an artist or writer expresses in a gorgeous way something I’ve always felt but never… Read More »Kindred Spirits

Hanging out with High School Buds!

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Nothing has changed! ………………………..Except, you know……marriage, kids, houses bought, living in different country, we can talk much more in depth about things,we have more respect for each other… know but still nothing has really changed!

Leadville, again!

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This summer, I keep finding myself in Leadville. When I first got back from Mexico, I really wanted to live in Leadville and hibernate next to a wood burning stove over the winter, with the fresh bread baking wafting through the cabin…..  I’m still finding that urge…. and now, I know how to knit!  I just need to figure out how to earn money….. This weekend, I found myself in Leadville because my Dad and I decided to drive up… Read More »Leadville, again!

My first night out, I took off down and dirt road to see what I could see and……found an awesome camping spot! Not to mention the fun riding 😉 One of my best packing jobs yet. I just have to brag.  I’d really like to get some luggage carriers to hang off the sides. Rode over quite a few passes.  This one is Cottonwood pass.  Beautiful!!  I was loving every minute of this. Landed in Creste Butte, at the art… Read More »

On the road for a looong weekend

Life on the road, occupies a magical place.  The world cracks open, I’m infused with beauty every step of the way, whether its what I’m looking at, the conversation I’m having with the new person I’ve met or the feeling of oneness with my motorcycle as I carve through the mountains,the ribbon of road, fast disappearing as I fly over it.  The cooler air washes over me, and the smell of pine and leaves, revitalizing me.  It is heaven on… Read More »On the road for a looong weekend