First stop:  Lake City!  Fun little town.  My friends in Mexico who built and catamaran and now live on it, are from this town.  When you ask anyone in town about them, their faces light up.  I get the feeling they played quite a role in the community!

Just a small sampling of the beautiful scenery we saw, driving through the mountains.

We made it to Silverton (despite all the beautiful places we wanted to stop along the way, the breweries, Bethany’s new friends, the waterfalls,the lookouts,the hotsprings….)Silverton was our mission!  Amidst the tall mountains, we set up our little house!

And went to town, where we met Freddie!!  He has an all expansive soul.  A character whom you are lucky to meet in your lifetime.  I could do a whole write up on him…..and the nuggest


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