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January 2013

Beatiful Images that capture me…

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Hmmm I stole them from the internet…a website on Shamanism 🙂 I LOVE this photo.  Not sure exactly why I connect, but wow. “i am a million colors and one i blow the wind of Dragon Fire: luminescence surreal. i fancy foreign fates in the snap of my wrist, flicker fun forms in the twilight of my eyelash; i reflect more possibilities than a mansion of mirrors, i refract, contemplate unknown and make invisible the plain surrender. i cast wonder… Read More »Beatiful Images that capture me…

John Denver’s Song

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In this magic hour of softening light

The moments in between the day and the night

The instant when all shadows disappear

The distance in between the love and the fear

There’s a longing deep within the wandering soul

It’s like the half that understands it once was whole

Like the two who only dream of being one

Like the moon who’s only light is in the sun

There’s a danger in forever looking outside

You start to believe that all your prayers have been denied

And you’ll forget the sound of your own name

Thus begins the suffering and the painRead More »John Denver’s Song