March 2013

feminine and masculine energies.

The masculine and feminine energies make up the Universe.  We live in an electric-magnetic Universe.  Electric is masculine.  Magnetic is feminine.  Electric is force.  Magnetic is form.  The masculine is the pure creative force that is contained by the feminine energy of creative form.  The feminine energy, being creative form, is able to understand the bigger picture of life, and offers much wisdom as a result.  The masculine energy, being creative force, manifests by targeting what it wants to accomplish,… Read More »feminine and masculine energies.


“Once you find your purpose, it shines through all aspects of your life, not just your profession. It shines through your relationships, it shines through your love of creativity and how you show up for the world as a whole in every aspect of your life.” ~ Rod Stryker

Freedom ~

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Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately…….and actually, all throughout my life! “When YOU begin to decide what is right for YOU …it’s in the living in those decisions where you will become FREE!” ~ Alex