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feminine and masculine energies.

March 18th, 2013 · No Comments · La Vida

The masculine and feminine energies make up the Universe.  We live in an electric-magnetic Universe.  Electric is masculine.  Magnetic is feminine.  Electric is force.  Magnetic is form.  The masculine is the pure creative force that is contained by the feminine energy of creative form.  The feminine energy, being creative form, is able to understand the bigger picture of life, and offers much wisdom as a result.  The masculine energy, being creative force, manifests by targeting what it wants to accomplish, remaining focused on the task at hand.  Without the masculine energy, the feminine is chaos soup, nothing is manifest, all ideas, forms, dreams, and energy swim in the endlessness of everythingness with no definition or movement.  It is stagnation.  Without the feminine energy the masculine is blind force, force with no meaning, emotion with no understanding, action with no reason.  It is reckless.  We can ponder one without the other, but in reality, one cannot exist without the other, for the masculine and feminine energies are mirror reflections of the same force…the mysterious force of Spirit, Oneness, God, Nature, Nirvana, whatever name you choose.

~ by Michelle Bloom from SACRED MARRIAGE UNION

I stole this photo. And I forgot where from, so unfortunately I cannot give the photographer credit. Doh! But….. I had to share it, isn’t it Spectacular?!



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