April 2013

Motorcycle Season has arrived!

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Maybe I could try this someday…..???  THis is how I felt this weekend! YIPPEEEE!!! there is nothing I rather be doing 🙂 A Beautiful weekend spent zooming all through the colorado mountains,  at the motorcycle shop, absorbing the scene, by the river reading, by the river talking and drinking margaritas, on a patio with a live band, drinking margaritas, latin dance party drinking lemonade!! Life is good 🙂 http://youtu.be/jdVSC6yEFtE My Favorite motorcycle run when I lived in Moab. River Road!

Launch Course up in Buena Vista

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Sunrise!  So exciting getting out of bed every morning to the orange sun rising, contrasted against white. Here is the lovely logistics team!

Hiking Mt. Morrison with Dad

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Check out the suburban sprawl……its like a fingering monster coming to take over the mountains! Nooo!

Creative Day!

I am continually inspired by everyone’s creativity!!