September 2013

Peruvian Farm workers

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Here Melissa and I are! Fresh off the orchard. This is what I have been craving! Back to nature, helping out during the harvest and living a life closer to the earth.  However, after today, I’m craving a shower a hamburger a beer a movie a good yoga class,riding my motorcycle, a good run in City Park,sunshine…….I sure have gotten used to my city life! And I think I’m feeling a little homesick.

Go Rockies. Boo…… Red Sox!

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Took these pictures near the Rockies game the night before I caught my train.   I was able to park my moto on the sidewalk, thanks to my friends connections.  Go Rockies! and did you know, Julia and I went with our friends who are Red Sock fans?  Now that, can be kinda annoying.  And one of our friends got scolded for using the “F bomb so much” Ha! Besides the funny,conversations and exuberant piggy back rides and zipping down railings… Read More »Go Rockies. Boo…… Red Sox!

Ramen Girl

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I watched the movie Ramen Girl last night and to my happy surprise, I LOVED it!

It touched on some ideas that I have been immersed in lately, since shifting my work from cubicle, mortgage,looking at a computer screen all day, to working with a craftsman (David),  repairing 100 year old windows. David shows such honor and respect on so many levels, I keep finding myself to be pleasantly surprised.  He has a magic way of being there as support in the process at just the moments that he is needed. There is definitely an art form to his way, which i find intriguing!

Melissa, who is in town for awhile working with us. Love having her around!

I did a search to see if I could find some good quotes from the Movie and here’s what I found:

You must learn to cook from a quieter place deep inside of you.  Each bow of Ramen you prepare, is a gift to your customer.  The food that you serve your customer becomes a part of them.  It contains your spirit.  Thats why your Ramen must be an expression of pure love. A gift from your heart”

and Another quote Read More »Ramen Girl

Emily Dickinson

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It dropped so low — in my Regard — I heard it hit the ground — And go to pieces on the Stones At bottom of my Mind — Yet blamed the Fate that flung it — less Than I denounced Myself, For entertaining Plated Wares Upon my Silver Shelf —