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November 2013

T day traveling!

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This was as the sun rose, Wed morning, while I was waiting for my plane. LOve LOVE LOVE airports and flying!! NYC going over the JFK bridge (or one of those big bridges!)

11. The Group Field

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Pay attention to silence. What is happening when nothing is happening in a group? That is the group field. Thirteen people sit in a circle, but it is the climate or the spirit in the center of the circle, where nothing is happening, that determines the nature of the group field. Learn to see emptiness. When you enter an empty house, can you feel the mood of the place? It is the same with a vase or a pot; learn… Read More »11. The Group Field

Facilitator Training Starting today, yes!

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By Emily Dickinson    A little bread, a crust — a crumb, A little trust, a Demijohn — Can keep the soul alive — Not portly — mind! But breathing — warm — Conscious