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March 2014

The Stars Drip Down

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Stretch That Skull Cover and Smile by Cub Country What a Sweet lullaby! And the title is just……….so great. May the stars drip down in light on you And you close your eyes to see the moon And sleep will pull you through May the starlight find you Dreams of sand out in some desert wide That will blow all day into the night And there will come a new dune May the sand wash over you Somewhere out in… Read More »The Stars Drip Down

Spring is almost here….

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and I am very much looking forward to riding my motorcycle to beautiful nature places and sitting by a rock, preferably by a river and writing. Woohoo! My special spot, where there is still snow…..but it is melting! Reading my favorite book right now; SOULCRAFT by Bill Plotkin

Grrrrr, don’t love my job.

I long to love my work.  Will this EVER happen for me in this lifetime??? Will I ever not be broke?  Will I ever find a job where I can work from my heart? and not be pressured to be efficient (I fuckin hate that word) and detail oriented and able to multi-task?  At this point, I’m pretty convinced I fail at life in a big way.  Thank god for kind souls in the world, whom I’ve come across, they… Read More »Grrrrr, don’t love my job.