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May 2014

Back from the Canyons. Lots of Space!

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“My Shadow” By Keane.  (awesome song!) It’s time to make a start To get to know your heart Time to show your face, time to take your place………

Once upon a time. When women were birds, There was the simple understanding That to sing at dawn And to sing at dusk. Was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, That the world is meant to be celebrated. ~ When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams  

wordswordwords….too many Words!

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Between What I See and What I Say… Between what I see and what I say, Between what I say and what I keep silent, Between what I keep silent and what I dream, Between what I dream and what I forget: poetry. It slips between yes and no, says what I keep silent, keeps silent what I say, dreams what I forget. It is not speech: it is an act. It is an act of speech. Poetry speaks and… Read More »wordswordwords….too many Words!

Blue Heron

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I have a special spot by the river in the Morrison Foundation (hogback) that I love to go to read and soak up the sun.
It is one of my biggest joys, having the time to escape to this special place.  The other day I went to read my book that prepares me for my Vision Quest.  And out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most magnificent sight!  A blue heron!  Strange to see it in this environment.  Is that even possible?  I’m not sure………but wow.  It was a spectacular sight.  So I looked up what Blue Heron means in AnimalSpeak:


Aggressive Self-Reliance,
Self Determination

The archetype of the Great Blue Heron 

Heron links two worlds: the waters of life—the Unconscious, and the air—the realm of the conscious mind. He feeds on fishes, which symbolize the treasures of the Unconscious mind: spiritual nourishment for the Seeker. Yet he is also a creature of the Earth, so he is a grounding influence for people who spend too much time in their minds and who are called to ‘fish’ in the waters of the unconscious.

The legs of Heron are long to “stand” the deep waters of the Unconscious: the Waters of Lethe bring sleepiness and unconsciousness if one is not awake, aware and wary. Heron is a solitary fisher; if you call upon Heron to be your own totem, you must be able to stand alone as you seek, for there is no one to call on should you step into too-deep waters.

Heron’s strength for those of us who spend too much time ‘in our minds’ is that he brings one down to Earth. With Heron as your guide, he will bring you to ground to explore life here in the physical instead of just daydreaming or losing oneself in one’s imagination or dreams.

Since as fishers of these waters our attention is constantly drawn back to the treasures of the Unconscious, we tend to lose interest in the matters other humans focus upon. We are not the most stable workers, or attentive spouses, or normal neighbors. We tend to be more than a little eccentric, preoccupied, inwardly turned people. We’re dreamers, liars, creating things out of our discoveries, imagining new things to be and do. We’re deeply engaged with exploring our naturalness, learning to know our bodies, or exploring Divine Nature. We’re unconventional, hearing our own inner drummer. We don’t worry about ‘keeping up with the Jones’s, doing what others do, believing what others believe, valuing what others value. If there is a weakness, it is that Heron works too hard at its fishing because he is a superb ‘stalker.’ He spends long hours standing and watching for a movement in the water, and needs sometimes to ‘loosen up’ and spend more time playing, courting lady herons or just snoozing in the Sun.

Because they are unconventional people, Heron people often must learnRead More »Blue Heron

The joy of Connection

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“When a lover betrays us, as unspeakably awful and  agonizing as that is, the resulting trauma cracks open the fragile but restrictive shell of the ego providing the opportunity to embrace great and more soulful opportunities!” ~ SoulCraft: crossing into the mysteries of Nature and Psyche by Bill Plotkin


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“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” — Rainer Maria Rilke