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December 2014

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Happy Solstice

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“It is not our job, discovering the ‘secret’ of the red rose, Our job maybe is To, float in the magic of the red rose To camp behind the knowledge, To wash our hands in the ecstasy of a leaf To pass by singing and to be born again when the sun rises every morning.” ~From “The Footsteps of Water” by Sohrab Sepehri, modern Iranian poet and painter

World unknown, unseen…but felt?

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Half of A Halfway Poem by Spirits of the Red City “a sun a sun sunlight is on the ground a cool light in my hands blindly blindly blindly i walk into the tall grass….”  What is the relationship between insignificance and death? I wonder?

Drop old stories. Align your values.

If you prefer smoke over firethen get up now and leave.For I do not intend to perfumeyour mind’s clothingwith more sooty knowledge.No, I have something else in mind.Today I hold a flame in my left handand a sword in my right.There will be no damage control today.For God is in a moodto plunder your riches andfling you nakedlyinto such breathtaking povertythat all that will be left of youwill be a tendency to shine.So don’t just sit around this flamechoking on… Read More »Drop old stories. Align your values.