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March 2015

“Situated squarely in that terrifying paradise called Freedom,

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precipitously out on so many emotional limbs, it was as if I had been born; and in fact I was being reborn as the woman I was to become.” ~Alice Walker Wow.  Alice Walker is an awesome woman!  I only recently discovered, that she has written a ton of really good books, other than The color Purple, which….you know, is super intense! I love her honesty and her calm, motherly, loving energy she puts out to the world. In addition… Read More »“Situated squarely in that terrifying paradise called Freedom,

omigod! Beautiful!

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Made by my very own………brother :-).  Nice work Jeremy! I can’t wait to come down to Medallin and play some poker on it.

The Dancing Queen

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I began my dance practice 2 years ago.  It has been an incredible way for me to tune into my inner landscapes and it has been scary as hell!  it has been colorful and euphoric and sometimes crippling in the way it puts me in touch with my deepest insecurities.  During some dance sessions I soar and skip and hop and in other dance sessions, I  hold my heart, as I sway and let the tears flow.  This is the… Read More »The Dancing Queen


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JUST BE IN THE MOMENT This saying has been something that has come up continually, probably since about high school.  My personal interpretation to this cliched, phrase, seems to change by the week. The feeling of peeling the onion of life over and over again, peeling at the same part of the onion but working on a different layer of it……… is an aspect of life, I really enjoy. It beckons me out of my self made cage, into bigger… Read More »Mindfullness

“Trauma takes away our sense of power to act and create.“