June 2015


The women’s world cup is bringing up so many emotions for me!!  I Deeply love the game of soccer and have ever since I was little.  I’m super looking forward to the game on Tuesday night vs Germany for the semi finals!!

Girls Weekend

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I spent June 20th in a cabin*  in the mountains * with Amy and Julia.  It was a beautiful place to be with goof *and muse*  I was especially happy to be there, having escaped the bustle of the busy* city, sweltering in the beginning days of good ole summer time heat. We slept out on the deck and gazed at the wondrously beautiful sky filled with stars. And we Ate 🙂 *cabin – very large. In fact it wasn’t… Read More »Girls Weekend

Eat your Kale!

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And take care of your body in every way possible……………..and then, just maybe then….You can be a cirque du soleil performer. That would be a dream (of sorts) come true for me. I wouldn’t want to spend all the time it takes to be a professional at acrobatics…….thus missing out on all the other experiences life has to offer – BUT – what I wouldn’t give, to be able to swing around at death defying heights and have such a… Read More »Eat your Kale!

Denver Storm

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A big storm came through Denver yesterday.  Flooding, tornadoes, huge hail and Lighting.  Sooo exciting.  Storms can be so utterly delicious. It came in quickly, just after we had moved my dining room table outside for the summer (thanks for your help Dad!)  And he snapped some photos, so I have the rare experience of having a before and after shot!  roughly 2 hours in between them. And the one below, is during. Woopie! At this point, people were cramming… Read More »Denver Storm

Strike out – Go Beyond……

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Says the visionary, archetype of the East ~ fly to the highest mountains of air brother and sisters; glide on Spirit Air, sail on a breeze- through the endless sky, soar to the sun on wings carried high. Look to your world from your new high throne, loving earth’s land, rooted your spirit is home

sunset at the Rockies game with Noah…..beautiful

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So much to catch up on, oh my!  I still have enthusiasm in me to share about my trip and post some pictures. So….maybe, just maybe I will do that!  I’ve been back in Colorado for over a week now.  Holy Moly it is GREEN here. Beautifully Green!! what a treat.  June is a truly delicious month in Colorado!!