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October 2015

Burr Trail

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I am still in disbelief that this is practically right outside my door!  I have had so much to learn and discover that I I’ve only just discovered it!  I was thrilled to find out, not far from my house, are the strikingly tall red rock cliffs that I feel so at home in.  I had associated them with Moab, Utah.  But whoa! Here they are, all around 🙂 So much to explore!!

Seeking…… Light

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“I am an unwritten chapter.  I’m dinged up and weary and my heart is sore.  but really in the most essential way I’m the newest I’ve ever been the best is not behind me, dammit, its ahead of me.  I never stood a chance before, because I was a slave to what I could not see.  A puppet to past patterns but I have taken a knife and carved myself free.  The truest treasure is a soul who believes in… Read More »Seeking…… Light


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Will I be chasing this for the rest of my life?! I asked a young European boy to snap this photo for me in Death Valley.  We spoke no words. Death Valley, is an incredible place!


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Magic, seems to be the word Lately!