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!!Love these Wild Women!!

July 24th, 2016 · No Comments · La Vida


Melissa Michaels

“THE CRONE IS FINALLY CLAIMING HER INSIGNIFICANCE It really takes a crone heart to understand what ease it brings for her. All her life was about chasing significance. She desperately needed to know that she mattered. She felt she existed if people knew her, loved her, wanted her, asked for her. Appreciation fired her juices. Visibility made her strive to new heights. One just was supposed to keep getting bigger and better. She must contribute, make a difference, show people her special gifts. Of course she must work hard. Earn the respect and awe of the world. That is success. You get the drift don’t you? She had to go through that cycle to know better. As a crone,she feels free to step off that wheel. Her pursuit of significance is the final letting go towards freedom. Suddenly her being dives deeper for the pearls. Her truth shines forth effortlessly. She sings her soul song clearly, unhindered, fearlessly. Who would have thought her power was in that letting go of the burden of significance. She cares deeply, but it’s okay if you don’t get her. She’s okay not being visible. Actually, she’s loving it. What is coming through her just now is too important for her to be distracted. She’s not performing for anyone but her truth. And her truth hits home. She’s deep at work whether or not you know it or acknowledge her. Her medicine is potent. And perhaps too radical. Right now relaxing on her couch, with her tea. Go strike a conversation with her. She’s the painless wisdom tooth of the world. Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™”


Emerald North

These women have taught me a LOT.  I feel SO lucky that our lifes paths have crossed and I have been able to spend a lot of time with them.  Mostly they have taught me by being who they are and doing what they are doing.  This idea of “crone” pulls me forward when I get discouraged.(which I am now in my life)   Although youth is what we as a culture value and the idea of getting older sucks…..When I think of these two women, who totally embody “Crone” I feel a deeply hopeful happy feeling inside.  It feels incredible.  In my (very limited awareness) of my ancestral line…I suspect the women didn’t embody “Crone”.

It is my hope and my goal to do enough healing and learning in my life to become a Crone.  So far……I feel like a maiden, riding the wild seas, not knowing what the fuck is going on and who or where I am!  And looking for validation from anyone who will glance in my direction.

But I can feel my boat steadying…… 🙂


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