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July 2017


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Storms seem to be all around.  What the heck?!  Stay focused.  Yoga……and Italian food 🙂

Keeping my moto alive

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and running like a bull…….through all the years, all the x-country trips and (gulp) all the crashes. With a quiet, gentle, kind, caring spirit…… and sparkles of expertise. Quality. I love this man. Get him on a dirt bike and a whole other side comes out!  Then it dawns on me. All the dusty trophies. …that fill every nook and corner in his shop……are his! And here is the rest of the crew.  Keeping Moto’s alive since the 80’s.  It… Read More »Keeping my moto alive

I See You

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I see you I see you in your glory I see you in your fullness I see you in your power I see you in your rage I see you in your pain I see you in your grief I see the parts of you that you don’t want to see. I’ll take you there if you let me, not so you can wallow in those parts or get stuck reliving past pains. I’ll take you there so you can… Read More »I See You