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August 2017

Moto goes zoom

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This was my first official joy ride of the summer!  It has taken me awhile to get back on my bike, after my crash and difficult fall/winter.  But Here I am!  Bill and I spent 7 hours riding through the high mountains of Colorado.  Sooooooooo Freeee!

Road trip to zone of totality!

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 A bonding experience with my mom. Beautiful morning sunrise.  uh oh……lots of clouds…..not good!  We made it to Nebraska.  Windy. wonderfully warm and humid.  Rolling hills and lots of traffic on small time road. Found the PERFECT spot to watch the eclipse. As the moon slid in front of the sun, I was so powerfully moved.  I wasn’t expecting to feel so much.  Whew! I can’t even put it to words.  The fricken stars came out!  We got to see… Read More »Road trip to zone of totality!

Mushroom Hunting

Tis the season for Chapparal mushrooms……which happen to be delicious.  We tromped around the woods all day looking for these.  It felt like a treasure hunt. By the end of the day we realized that we had found lots!   And so we cleaned them and cooked (Timothy is quite the cook)  a delicious steak and mushroom dinner, with grilled sweet onions and rice, finished with red wine. Still had a ton of mushrooms, so the next night……pesto mushroom pasta. And… Read More »Mushroom Hunting


I have been searching for a home for about…20 years now.  Still haven’t found what I’m looking for :-(. But This place (Morrison, Red Rocks, The hogback, the transition between the plains and the Rockies) will ALWAYS be my home home.  I truly love this place.  It feels magical.


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I love my faded, comfortable, perfectly fitting jeans.  I love my Revit, ducati motorcycle jacket that makes me feel cool on hot summer days…..and you know, just cool :-).  Love my blue flatfooted soccer shoes from Colombia and I love my black tank top that I got years ago……that feels new and exciting to wear every single time!!  Style.  Love love Style!  Even if no one else gets “my style”… is my own, it is unique and it makes me… Read More »Style