September 2017


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My most cherished teachers, have given me advice about “belonging” because somehow, it’s a thing for me. Like, a total thing for me.  I have rarely experienced a feeling of belonging.  And when I did, I remember grasping at it, wanting it to last forever. Em: “Why would you want to belong, you gotta get over that one, girl, the sooner the better!” Paul:  “You will never belong you are powerfully special” Julie: “Why would you want to be special… Read More »Belonging

Dear God, help me out with the basics, would you?

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Danielle Laporte, I appreciate……. how you say it, why you say it and THAT  you say it. Keep on keepin on.  You are a dazzling role model! “Dear God, Show me how to love the ones that are like, really hard to love. The misogynists and boundary bullies, the fake leaders and land-rapers. Actually, for the sake of efficiency, just show me how to love the most greedy. That should cover it. (But while we’re at it, help me out… Read More »Dear God, help me out with the basics, would you?


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I often wonder what my purpose in this life is.  I believe the closer I can get to honing it, the more meaning will flow through me.  What if some of us are here to speak for the earth? “The earth cries like a child, and the blood of the animal is the blood of innocence. but,  you, having lost your innocence, cannot hear the cries, or the blood as it beats in your own ears. It is to answer… Read More »Purpose