July 2018

Yay to Friends

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Relationships make life Sooo rich!  This text made my day 🙂 Here we are dancing the night away, one sultry summery night!  

Love Warrior

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I am quite mesmerized by the raw honesty of Glennon Doyle.  When at the same time as releasing her book about marriage….she announced she was divorcing, I thought wow this woman is for real.  And then, she married Abby Wombach, soccer star* who I just love. So, I was super curious to hear her Story and the way she goes about telling it. and so;  finally I am reading it. And…..Loving it so far!! QUOTE: Glennon Doyle’s x boyfriend, telling… Read More »Love Warrior

” The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  ~ Alice Walker

Rain Dancers

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The rains have arrived!! and we wildly danced them in. Puuure Bliss! The band kept playin’. the Old the Young the Hippies , the Cowboys the Yuppies, the Vets ALL…. of us moving as one thirsty ⋅ appreciative ⋅ body Dancin’ underneath a rainbow with big wet drops DRENCHING us. YES!!!! Ahhhh. ESO!!