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July 2021


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We had a healing conversation. A deep sharing. A ceremonial ending. He was wearing his sunglasses. I go back in my mind – was it real? When I can’t see your eyes, I don’t fully feel our dance.


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What is the thing I want the most?? BELONGING. It shows up everywhere in my life… wanting of this elusive concept. The spiritually inclined say… have to belong to yourself and that is the solution. I don’t think that is the full story. I think we are a social animals and we need to have roles in our pack or tribe. I feel fragile in my existense in the web of humanity around me. I don’t have clarity on my… Read More »Belonging


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To that man, who came over to our table in the restaurant/bar ……to tell me I looked magnificent. Thank you!! That was ballsy! and even though you walked away and me and my 4 girlfriends laughed…..don’t think I wasn’t touched. As a woman who was mesmorized by the beauty of my childhood best friends and then the women on my soccer team, comparing myself to them and deciding I had such a long way to go to be anything like… Read More »Courage

American Holiday

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This was years ago and this was the last time I felt American spirit moving through me. I was SO pumped for the U.S.A womens soccer team to beat out the rest of the other countries! i had a go U.S.A party at my house. Now, years later….living in Mexico and hanging out with Brits has me singing a whole new AMerica tune. But i do feel a tinge of …..haha we beat you 🙂 and i’m glad we did.