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August 2021

I Say, yesss to This!

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and……..Finally, she taps the feeling of flow. Floating in green, green, green, cast in golden light as the road gracefully unfolds. Deep sigh. Everything that has happened has created — this. Moment. It is the place where her thoughts get lighter, her senses are sensing and appreciating. The place where her mind is integrating – not ruminating. The place where she understands why she is here on this beautiful blue and green planet – having a human experience. Quotes of… Read More »I Say, yesss to This!

Colorado!Train Life

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Trains are simply THE BEST!! California Zephyr – Amtrak It Feels SO good being back in Colorado! THis land! I know and love this land. It has shaped me. There are trees! and it is green and it is cold and the water is cold. Big Sigh. Soooo stunningly beautiful, this land. Forever #1 in my heart.