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October 2021

Dia De los Muertos

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Halloween, exitsts in Mexico……but it has an entirely different energy about it. It is mixed in with Dia De las Muertos, a three day celebration period to honor the deceased. Because the veil is thin….this is a good time to talk, hang out, be with your loved ones who have passed. This brings a sacredness to the air and a sense of love and togetherness.. The celebrations are contrasted with death…….so the alive-ness of our opportunity to be in the… Read More »Dia De los Muertos

Professional Beginner

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Thats me. It seems as though….. the whole “surfing thing” is not intuitive to me! I thought I would be a natural born surfer, I hoped I would! But my body and mind know the mountains and rivers, not the dynamimacy of el mar! Ha!! I am learning the ocean every day. And Every day it is different and I am different and the currents are different and the bottom is different, the crowd is different. The variables, as it… Read More »Professional Beginner