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hiking Canyons never gets old!

March 11th, 2024 · La Vida

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Be Big

March 7th, 2024 · La Vida

Big mountain sits wide

Using all the space it needs

Moved not, by the wind

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Nothing is forever

March 6th, 2024 · La Vida

(Print by Tsuzen Nakajima)

Showing its back

and showing its front,

a falling maple leaf


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Sweet Sap

March 6th, 2024 · La Vida

Peony Flower

Our town is Paonia

it blooms because of the ants

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March 6th, 2024 · La Vida

Fun dedication

Vibrant there-ness, such presence!

Deep excavating

Natalie Goldberg ” Ruth and Jimmies, Mississippi”

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Beautiful Colors

March 4th, 2024 · La Vida

I´ve been working hard through these winter months and have lots of new Journals available!!

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February 29th, 2024 · La Vida

I Know the secret

Moving your body AND play!

Now go find friends.

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Haikus for some cold hard truth!

February 28th, 2024 · La Vida

Big tree stands solid

the wind is whipping and cold

the deer take cover

Fire burn, stove smokes

Sticks and Logs, newspaper balls

A little light enters now

No more Caffeine girl.

But that is my hope and Light!!

Laura, dig deeper.

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Stay !WiLd!

August 20th, 2023 · La Vida

Reid Tracy says……..”Staying wild means trusting your innate instincts and developing your intuition—the intelligence of your heart. Honoring your deep sensitivity and empathic abilities—your gift for reading and feeling energy. Regularly restoring and recharging yourself in nature and with animals. Staying open and receptive to the seen and unseen love that’s ever present from many sources. And knowing that what you believe or don’t believe has no bearing on who you are. Judgment is an overused human construct. We’re all doing the best we can.”

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A good time, had by All!

March 8th, 2023 · La Vida

Connection, beauty, color, generosity, depth, vulnerability, expression and sprinkled with Love!

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