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Notes on Living a Life That Inspires Me

  • The more skillful I am with my senses, the more I can utterly luxuriate in the magical, mystical, spectacles of life!
  • Deepen the understanding of my short existence here on earth.
  • Travel and explore the lands and peoples.
  • Open to the breadth and depth of life the subtleties, the nuances.  The love and beauty the fear and pain.
  • Commit to finding the truth, the rawest truth that I can understand.
  • Speak it.  Truth is power.
  • TELL MY STORY (Sing my Story. Adventure my Story. Art my Story. photograph my Story) Tell my Story!
  • Feel the joy and playful radiance, that bubbles up from a deep place within.
  • I am part of a living whole and I want what is best for me…. and all others at the same time. Sustainability!!
  • Respect. Relationship with ALL things (shamanism :-))
  • Follow the magic, and see how magical it all is and how it magically unfolds. Feel it, in terms of expansive fluidity.
  • There’s open space, enter it.
  • Digest my learnings, and show it wholly through who I am. Moment to moment through my actions and ways.
  • Cooperation and collaboration.
  • Be in service to all of life. Communion.
  • Move on my inner path and don´t be swayed by the path of social conditioning
  • Cultivate a rich, peaceful, and powerful inner space.
  • Understand that life’s adventure (we signed up for) brings us situations and experiences(challenges!) to help us grow, deepen who we are, and evolve.
  • Be where you Are.


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