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July 2013

Friendliest Town on Earth! Payson, Arizona

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Shortly after a fairly epic moto ride out in the middle of the desert, to this dreamy swimhole, with Melissa following me in her truck, I went to find a place to camp (Melissa had to go back to Sedonna) and dropped my bike and broke my clutch cable!  I waited around for a car to come up this teeny dirt road I had turned on to. Finally someone came and they totally helped me, by going and picking up… Read More »Friendliest Town on Earth! Payson, Arizona

Reflections From the Road

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Santa Fe, New Mexico….feeling like a queen!

Pulling out of Santa Fe I felt euphoric I had found a place near the plaza to stash my motorcyle.  Always easy to find a parking spot for the moto.  I did a quick change (hoping no one saw me but if they did, oh well) from my heavy dark moto gear into a sporty red skirt I had found at a boutique, the artist sold it to me for super cheap, my favorite plain black tank top and my trusty flip flops I keep in my tank bag.  After a hot sweaty long ride I felt light as a flower.  I left everything on my bike. With a quick prayer to the universe, “Please no one steal my stuff, universe.” I trotted off, half skipping because I felt so light and free and excited to see what was ahead. People everywhere as I got close. I love the orange adobe structures with the dark wood beams. Peoples outfits would have kept me entertained for hours. Colors so many colors and boots, of all sizes. Quality leather, quality stitching, skirts, scarfs….and then in the stores handmade, wallets, wooden coat hangars, necklace holders.  Beautiful! People have taken such care and made such beautiful things.

Hungry, food to choose, fresh baked artisan bread, salads with things I didn’t even know existed, so delicious so colorful so satisfying. So creative. Such abundance.

I walked into a leather store and fell in love with a beautiful leather cowboy hat . I loved the stitching, loved the color,Read More »Reflections From the Road