July 2015

More of The road

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In Pinedale, Wyoming (awesome town!) we ran into Forest, who I used to motorcycle with back in the day!  He and his girlfriend are living on the bike for the next year!  and headed to Panama.  Wow.  sounds like sooo much fun! Check out their blog:   Thinking about buying this house.  what do you think?Oh yeah, made it to Idaho!

On the road!!

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Beautiful Wyoming! I love love love this land. I can feel my soul slowly unfolding. It is a little sad though, you can feel how the land is being pillaged for and gas/oil. Riding through this land, I found my self thinking about terry tempest Williams. A poetic naturalist from an oil and gas family . What a beautiful role in society she plays, Bridging these worlds.

To Be Human

Ah to be human.  I love my life, right now, right here.  I love the cool breeze that comes in my skylight window  (that opens!) at the break of dawn.  I cuddle underneath my comfortable, excited to wake and be in this predawn safe place, with my coffee, stirring before the awake-ness of Denver shoots into motion. I can almost see the earth moving.  It moves so fast. The time changes so fast.  I want to bottle the predawn and… Read More »To Be Human

Go USA!!!! ~ continued ~

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It was truly a Wonderful thing, USA winning the world cup!  I feel so much connection to the game of soccer.  I love the worldly competition and I love that women playing soccer seems so normal thanks to tons of TV coverage.  If only I had this when I was playing soccer, I really think it would have improved my game (and my enthusiasm for the game!)