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PickInG Up HiTcHiKeRs can be so much fun!

July 5th, 2008 · No Comments · La Vida

Driving on this little road along a river, on our way to find a campsite (on the 4th of July weekend! and impossible feat) we saw these hitchhikers along the road. At almost the same time, we looked at the empty back seat, looked at each other and shrugged. “Why not!”

It was hilarious fitting them all in the car with there backpacks. They were joking that we could just dive them wherever and they wouldn’t be able to do anything because they were jammed in there so tight. They joked that they couldn’t even get to their mashedies. Julia and I looked at each other, oh great, all three of them have their own mashedes!

They were hiking on the Colorado Trail for a month. THey turned out to be such a kick! Julia and were having such a great time in their company as we all sat around the fire and laughed. They were an unlikely bunch and each one was such a character in his own way. If I was a cartoonist I would totally have done a piece on them. We ended up camping with them and tromping through the woods for a long time (them faithfully following) because we had a feeling a lake was nearby, we found a rock out cropping and realized our lake was a lot of miles away. So we hiked back to the car and drove to the lake for a much anticipated swim. It was amazing!! A refreshing, cold mountain lake in the breadth of large mountains. It reminded me of swimming in a lake at the base of the The Grand Titans. We all bonded. I was envious of their freedom to be in the mountains for over a month. So much beauty they were seeing and about to see. So many amazing people they will meet (and were meeting :-)), so many times there would be sweat and tears. So many brilliant stars! I gave Joe (see below) my little can stove I made, from my hike on the A.T. He loved it and was all about the minimalist way of hiking. I asked him to let me know if it works at higher altitudes. He promised to write a letter…….because he doesn’t do email. I love this guy!

We are kindred spirits, I’m pretty sure. It will be fun to keep up on Joe’s life path, cuz he is WILD! And going some incredible places with his strength and passion.


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