Sailing away from Isla Isabela to Chacala was a beautiful run!  It was a day sail and we had a wind behind  us(downwind) which meant it was perfect conditions to fly the Spinnaker.  As soon as we got it up, we were running at about 9-10 knots.  What an incredible sensation it is to fly along with this colorful sail and feel the wind on your face and know that the only thing moving you along is nature.  Wayne let me on the helm for an hour or two.  I feel like I really got the feel of it!  You have to be careful because if you get off the wind, the spinnaker lufts and you’ve got a LOT of sail to deal with.

Working with the spinnaker is tricky business.  You’ve got to pre plan your steps and make sure every member of the team knows what there roles are.  Its can get away from you, then you’ve got it tangled or in the water or……….THere are ALL sorts of Spinnaker stories.  Wayne and Carol seemed to have a great system nailed out.

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