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My good Friend, Garance

April 15th, 2009 · No Comments · La Vida

So, as I write this entry, I’m still in a bit of a transitional space because Garance has found a sailboat to Cuba.  Since I split ways with my brothers, I sent an email to Garance to see where she was.  She happened to be where I was going!  So she gave me some good advice to naviate through Cancun quickly and cheaply get to Isla Mujeres……where there were sailboats going places!  We’ve been exploring/hanging out/talking to people/reading/swimming/tanning….for the last week.  I especially love hearing her talk about her love of people and places.  After hearing so much about Paris…I would love to go!   She came rushing into the hostal where I’m staying this morning saying that she had found a sailboat and was leaving for Cuba NOW!  Since I met up with her in San Cristobal, she was talking so excitedly about going to Cuba.  This is a dream come true to her and I’ve got front row seats 🙂  and now I’m feeling sad that she’s gone and reflecting on our travels together.  I’ve never met anyone like her.  She  has a very intuitive way of traveling……she seems to have an underlying understanding of how people tick and isn’t in the least bit scared to Go For it!  She is from Paris and decided that off the little money she had she would spend a year traveling.  Which so far has brought her across Canada (it had always been a dream of hers to see the Rockies and the grand nature)  Across the U.S and all around Mexico…… far!  Her stories bring alive places I’ve lived or traveled near but had no idea they existed. She has introduced me to the wonderful world of hitchhiking.  In the picture above, we hitched a ride through the mountains.  THe sun was setting and the lush green of the jungles shone.  The whole ride we joked and laughed together.  So fun!  SHe helps me to recognize all that is there within the moment.  SHe so optomistic…….and with complete sincerity.  She must be getting so much energy off her moments to fuel her across the countries.  Sometimes traveling can be hard, especially when you budget is about 50 pesos a day!

Sometimes speaking with her is frustrating because she doesn’t understand English like a native speaker so I can’t express some of my thoughts about what we were seeing that I would have really liked to share.  BUt…the way she put the English language together, brought a life to moments and peoples and situtaions that I had never seen before.

She talked about wanting to see a grizzly bear SO bad.  She said matter of factly though, that she better read up on the bear to understand its behavior when she sees it.  Its funny, sometimes when she talks, she seems a little crazy…..but you see how serious she is and then you watch it happen just like she wanted it to…..and its amazing!

So, this morning, when she came in to tell me she had got a boat, I wasn’t the least bit surprised……..even though everyone had told us the wind was bad and she had just missed the weather window for boats going to Cuba.  Wow.


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