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March 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments · La Vida

Here is the little guy I’ve been babysitting.  I’ve been having such a wonderful time with him.  I watch him in the morning and then go to work in the evenings.  At the office, in my cubicle, I’m filled with great memories of my interactions with him.  His smile (you can get the sense from this picture) is such a happy smile.  Its like he’s smiling from the collective happiness of the world.  You can’t see his smile and not smile yourself.  And, he is always smiling! (how did his parents get so lucky!)

He is  So fresh and young and purely interested in the littlest of thing.  He is a great model for living in the Now.   What a delightful energy to be around.  I took his picture, when he was just learning how to walk.  Carefully he would balance, take a step and then another step and then………..another step.  uh oh, he would look up, get a different look on his face and fall backward on his butt.  Laugh and try again.  Wow, if we could apply that attitude in learning towards everything we do, just think how joyful and fun life would/could be!

The rest of the day, I reflected on how amazing walking is, something that is easily taken for granted.  As soon as Sebastian can walk with facility, his world will changes!  As will his parent’s world for now they have a very mobile, curious little guy, wanting to try……………. everything!  Watch out!!


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