Here is the outside of Cubicle Land!  Inside this building is where I spend about 7-8 hours of my day.  Yikes!!  It is just as square and uniform as it is on the outside.  I could seriously write a whole blog about this world.  I would call it Cubicle Land Chronicles. I would write about the issue’s with chairs (fights break out over these silly chairs!) the lovely irritable emails I’m greeted with at the beginning of my day, from my cube mate, who is miserable.  My totally insecure (generous spirit) boss who micro manages and just LOVES the 19 year old who sits next to me. (yes, I’m jealous, she’s beautiful and somehow she can not work and everyone loves her just the same)

I’m glad that I have all sorts of wonderful memories and experiences from my life.  Its keeps me green, alive, and inspired, while I sit for hours in Cubicle Land and get zapped by the vortex of my computer screen and the fluorescent lights that blare overhead, all the while worrying about getting fired. (what we will do for money!!)  The worlds, we humans, create for ourselves.  Goodness Gracious!  I prefer the natural ones personally 🙂

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