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Snow Skiing with the Kirby’s!

February 29th, 2012 · 1 Comment · La Vida

It was a beautiful Colorado snow skiing day and I was in heaven on the slopes.  I hadn’t been snowboarding for about 5 seasons (?) Knowing that Bryan and his family were really good skiers I was a little nervous about holding them up.  But just one minute on my board and it was like I had gone only yesterday.  It was incredible!! And I started thinking about all my skiing trips and realized that skiing (snowboarding) has been a big part of my life.  It has shaped me in so many ways.  When I was little, conquering my fear of heights by forcing myself to mount the chairlift each time, which was a HUGE lesson for me.  Snowboarding offers a total release, escape and utter freedom, I rediscovered this weekend, to my delight.  You can be WILD and FAST, with no repercussions (ie speeding tickets! doh)

The Kirby's generosity has been INCREDiBLE over the years. It is great inspiration to me and also makes me feel like because I have received so much it is my job to pass it on in any way I can! Thank you Kirby's!

So, why don’t I go snowboarding anymore?  I’ve got these beautiful mountains right in my backyard……I’m not entirely sure…its a little crazy to spend most my Colorado time muddling in the city. But then……….there is the TRAFFIC problem. ICK!!!


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