while I was sitting at the Tattered Cover eavesdropping on a convers…I mean!  While I was READING the book; The voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz.

“In the moment when we separate from God, we begin to search for God, for the love we believe we don’t have.  Humans are continually searching for justice, for beauty, for truth- for the way we used to be before we believed in lies.  We are searching for our authentic self.”  What is truth is real.  What is not truth is not real.  Its an illusion, but it looks real.  Love is real.  It’s the supreme expression of life.”

It was Bethany! and her message says:

“Dear Laura, You and I need to stop working for other people.  Really we’re way to smart for that.  Lets keep talking about this adventure business, motorcycles and climbing mountains and going into canyons”

And I say……..HELL YEAH!!!!

made my day 🙂

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