My friend is hilarious.  While I was in my usual mad rush to get out of my house, Julia, who had swung by to pick me up, was posting sticky notes EVERYWHERE reminding me to take the day off work, so we could go to the opening Rockies game.  It was hilarious finding these little “reminders” In my Cupboards, on my plates, in a wine class, on my writing notebook,on all my mirrors, to this day, I’m still finding them.  The sad thing is;  when we sat down with our schedules and computers and decided that 61 degrees on opening day, in fact was going to be “too cold”…….we didn’t put in our requests for the day off.  (I know, we aren’t exactly die-hard fans!)  And now, Today, is opening day and guess what????? It is beautifully sunny and WARM! We would have been Luvin it!!!  Oh man…work might be even harder than usual for me today………..


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