This summer, I keep finding myself in Leadville. When I first got back from Mexico, I really wanted to live in Leadville and hibernate next to a wood burning stove over the winter, with the fresh bread baking wafting through the cabin…..  I’m still finding that urge…. and now, I know how to knit!  I just need to figure out how to earn money…..

This weekend, I found myself in Leadville because my Dad and I decided to drive up Friday night to Minturn, camp and then go to the Vail Rummage sale in the morning.  Sleeping under the stars was spectacular.  I didn’t want to close my eyes.  When we woke up, the dew had drenched our sleeping bags (we were tentless) somehow I forgot about the dew.

At the Vail Rummage Sale, I got myself a wacky (stripes!) Snowboarding Jacket (hoping to hit the slopes at least a couple times this season)

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