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February 17th, 2015 · No Comments · La Vida

Created in SOLB month long June 2014 ….With our guides and participants

Wilderness Rites of Passage – 24 hour renewal fasts
Extended time in Nature – Wilderness – “back country”
Nature awareness – present moment perception using 5 senses
Simply Wander – awaken curiosity
Daily silence, meditation, sit spot
Movement practice/yoga
 Dance like no one is watching
Walking and running: do it when you least want
Evoke a circle of support – build your network
Council practice with self, nature, friends, family , and of course your  “enemies” etc.
Recognize greatest teachers in those who trigger you
 Living council – listening to the community of all beings
Trusting and being awake to  the Ceremony of life…… “I am guided”
Make an offering before taking, cutting, killing of any kind
 Maintaining and cultivating relationship with the Four Directions 
– connection with the elements
Presence: being with something, someone , a place
Morning pages – flow of consciousness writing
Art, color experiment – be with emergence
Wake with gratitude, list all you are grateful for at the end of the day
 drink a glass of water with gratitude, say thank you
Take a moment for blessing/grace before a meal, a journey, a decision
“4 breath” practice before responding/reacting
Share concerns at times of border crossings
Mark beginnings and endings
Debrief any happening
Witness the energy of emotions – ebb and flow
Ask for what you need: Offer what you can
Suspend judgment, opinion, advice
Establish a field for sharing cringe factors with partners
Declare a banter free zone – allow space for teasing and the play of words/truth/feelings
Clear clutter – care for space
Create an altar – Physical reminders from Quest and nature
Grow food for yourself and others
Practice a spirit of inquiry – find the gift and/or opportunity
Connect with another without doing / no agenda, no multi-tasking
Become a role model (on the road)
Listen to inspirational and supportive talks
Your mantras, your intention , your purpose circle
Confirm a way you make decisions that you trust no matter how things turn out
  “It will change, and this too will pass”
Bear witness to all around us


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