Fresh Air’s …… Terry Gross. I have been listening to her show for over 7 years now.  I really enjoying hearing about people and their flashy, colorful, ecclectic, lives.   From one guy to the next lady, each of us carry out our days so differently!!  wow!  I think Terry does an awesome job of bringing this to our attention and allowing us (the curious listener) to be in the interviewees life for an hour.  As someone who is interested in how people tick…….and how I myself tick…… Terry Gross seems to open up a secret portal into a deeper arena where people feel safe enough to genuinely share themselves.  I really admire her ability to listen deeply and her gently probing questions.  She’s genuinely curious and open minded and intellectually/musically adventurous………and very empathetic.  My hero!  Delving into her world makes me want to be an interviewer…..and actually, i have wanted this my whole life!  It’s funny how I’ve been looking (am looking) for a job I will love……and deep down, I know that I want to be an interviewer!  But how that will manifest………could be so many different ways!

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