It’s another day in the life. Good morning ocean. Goodmorning Sun. oh good morning whales breaching! Good morning breeze. Good morning Dogs. Good morning cruise ship way off in the distance. Good morning Body……oh so sore! This surfing thing has got to somehow become more sustainable to my body!

Last night was a bonfire on the beach. I felt so powerfully with the elements. The waves crashing right there. The fire burning high, the moonlight shining right about us. The breeze gently stirring. The soft sand in my fingers and toes. The richness we seek is in the quiet, in the things that land…. subtely. In the lighter, touch.

I am in Love! Colors and textures…..you just can’t go wrong. And the metaphor of it all. wow wow wow.
What a gift! From Francisco De La Paz. He captures a moment in time. A rich moment. Easy to forget.