Breakin it Down
Wrapped up in the swirl of leaving my thoughts are jumbled. I’ve clicked into auto pilot mode and am just doing what needs to be done……isn’t it wonderful that our bodies can click into this mode?!

My apartment is looking more and more bare. Its hard for me to leave my special little nook in the world. I’m going to miss watching over the city, watching the comings and goings of the train and listening to the whistle which permeates my Portland moments.

Before I know it, I will be back out in the world……in a world, a very different world. I’m looking forward to feeling life in the Philippines. AND I’m looking forward to drying out my soggy soul in the SUNSHINE…….which Jeraimee informs me is plentiful!

As far as dynamics on the boat……I’m kinda nervous. The captain Johnny doesn’t want a girl sailing with them to Thailand. Which to me means, I’m going to be in a situation where I have to prove myself, or measure up. (a situation I don’t thrive in) grrr. Although this sail trip is the ultimate escape, its not an escape of the everyday issues one faces! How do you ultimately escape those issues?

Years ago, I gave Bryan one of my favorite books DOVE. He read it this weekend for the first time……….and is sooo inspired and reinspiring me all over again. He gave it back to me and I am soaring through it. Its a true story of a 16-year old boy who sailed is 24-foot sloop around the world to discover adventure and love. This book played a big role in shaping this dream of sailing of mine . If a 16 year old in a small boat can do it………….!

On a sadder note, its going to be hard leaving Dan. We’ve developed a connection that feels very special to me. As we drove up to Seattle, where I was to leave from, I wrote this poem

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