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Time at the Miri Marina

July 17th, 2006 · No Comments · La Vida

Here is a picture of the Apartment complex we are living in. We usually
walk from the apartment to the boat about 3 or 4 times a day, shuffling things back and forth and getting a release from the heat!

Jeremy is cleaning the name plate for Contessa! (isn’t it coming clean nicely)
This is a symbolic picture of how much Jeremy seems to care for all that goes on with Contessa.

Tony! Who’s good mood the last few days has been key to energizing our group dynamics.

Aimee, drying off after a surprise swim. (Jeremy pushed her in!) Pushing eachother in has turned into a game that everyone quite enjoys, even though the marina water isn’t exactly the most inviting for a swim……….

Good ole’ Aimee, encouraging Jeremy to try the wierd pink fruit. Dragon fruit, it has the texture of kiwi and tastes like……………….not sure what it tastes like but its not bad!

Johny, offering a refreshing snack of…………… dragon fruit!

Yes! We got a picture of Tony cooking! He is such a great cook, we continue to be amazed. How did we get so lucky?


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