The energy of the sun never fades, which is our soul,
so the sun in all of us, never fades.

The deer searches for the source of its own musk, the woman for the source of her own power. When she attributes it to others, she empowers them. When she stops her search, she realizes the truth.

~Imagine the accomplishments if she started her search at home within herself ~
The tao of women

Heres my humble abode. I really love my room. And come to think of it, I’ve loved almost every room that I’ve moved into and decorated. I’ve lived in so many different rooms! Sometimes I wonder if I should make some sort of a career decorating/creating a space. It fascinates and inspires me how you can make a space feel so good or how a space can feel so bad! I’m noticing that I’m very sensitive to color. I love color! The oranges, yellows and deep reds…….

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