Here it is, my first catch ever! With Thaddeous, showing me how to do it, I reeled this yellow tail tuna in. I won’t mention what happened after the picture was taken, to the poor tuna! In order to kill it, you pound its head with a hammer or pour alcohol in its gills and mouth….a very hard thing for me to watch. But, the tuna tasted SO GOOD!

We caught 3 Tuna and 2 Marlin and more but I lost count. Lots of Meals with fish. One of the marlin that we caught was (drum role…) 10 feet long!! But, that might be a bit of a “Fish Story” I might have actually only been about 5.5 ft – 6ft….? (Thad, was it really 10ft??) Nonetheless, We got an award for it, presented at the Bajahaha awards ceremony.

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