After a long sail……..birds started appearing around the boat. We must be getting close to Isabella island, land of the booby (no not what your thinking…..I’m talking about birds!) But you can imagine how many jokes were exchanged over this.

Actually, we had a boobie bird on the bow for the entire night and through the next morning until we ended up shooing him off so we could set anchor upon arrival.

Eric enjoying the flight patterns of our new friends….and wondering, if he puts his hand out, will they land on it??

Ohhhhh to be able to fly!

Something about birds flying in the sunset, seems so magical to me. Its about flight, and freedom and grace and calm, and reflection, and transition, and joy and play and infinity. Somewhere in those words, lay the secret ingredients to expressing the feeling I get, watching the boobies fly around us as the sunsets and we sail along.

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