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February 25th, 2009 · No Comments · La Vida

Wow. I’m sitting in a cafe right now ditching my Spanish Class.  This is the first morning here in Chiapas for the last 2 months that I’ve had the opportunity to watch the world around me waking up.  Gosh, I sure do enjoy the mornings.  It feels like such a pure time.  Fresh.  The air is cool and people are in the very beginnings of creating any painting they want for the day!  Mornings are like a big white canvas….waiting to have color splashed over it.  I’m quite enjoying the chance to not be stuffed in a cold, white classroom, crammed in little wooden desks with the smell of white-board marker permeating the room.  Don’t get me wrong, my two hours of Spanish lessons everyday have been a complete joy.  Every morning, I look forward to them.   Estare, is the BEST Spanish teacher I have ever had, by far and the dynamic in the classroom with Willow, Jon, Estare and I is so much fun.

I’m missing being able to jump on the moto and zoom off to see the countryside.  I logged onto Horizons Unlimited (a moto community…….great website to know about) and got connected to a couple people who might be able to go exploring with me via moto around Chiapas.  Hell yeah!

I also found this girl’s website who is traveling south via moto, from Alaska to Argentina.  CHeck out her website!
On her website….I read that the Mayan New Year ended on Sunday, Feb 22.  Strange!  Strange because to me, it felt different after Sunday.  Almost as though the year as I knew HAD ended.  I know for sure, us teachers, entered another stage in our experience here.  The heightened excitement of the first two weeks seems to have worn off.  We seem to be settling in a little more.  Little sprouts of talking shit about each other are coming up……feelings of indifference to teaching……sadness………..homesickness……..I imagine, that for Joanna, the director of Dunham Institute,  this is a prescribed process that she watches every single new teachers go through time and time again.  For us, it all feels so new, intense and life changing!  Its slightly different for me because I’m only here for another month….at the most.  The rest of my friends are settling into a 5 month stint here.

On this moto girls website……I also read that this is the YEAR OF THE WIND.  Wow!  Thats my year.  I think if I had to describe myself as one of the natural elements……… I would call myself the wind.  I love the wind.  I also hate the wind.  On my ultimate Frisby team in College, I dreaded the windy days, I couldn’t for the life of me manipulate the disc to fly how I wanted it to in the wind.  On the flip side…….I love the wind!  The  natural strength of the wind, when harnessed correctly can blow you across the world…on a boat!!  How amazing is that?  AND there is nothing I like more than the wind on your face.  Damn I love that feeling, whether I’m sailing or moto’ing or biking or Snowboarding….or even just running.    Wind speaks of change, newness, fresh, stirring up things, agitating,disaster, strength,gentle,force,chaos,peace,excitement,freedom, dynanimacy…….

I wonder what will follow in the days to come?……..!

Crazy thing is, on Sunday it was SOO windy.  I mean crazy windy!  No one had ever seen it that windy here before (according to my Spanish teacher)!  Dust was swirling,trash was crashing against the metal fences and cement houses,  the air had a dark smoky  hue and settled over our valley filling our noses with the smell of burnt nature.  The palm trees were being blown every which way, looking very dramatic like they do in hurricane footage.  I stood on the roof of my house (covering my face) and watched our little Pueblo get blown crazy. Here’s a funny thing.

There was really loud Mariachi music playing somewhere in the pueblo the whole  time. THis made me smile to myself.  If something terrible happened down here….I have no doubt that the people would die happy.  It reminded me of the quartet continuing to play as the Titanic Sank.


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