Last Friday was “free day” at the Botanic Gardens.  Although we didn’t know it, we were pleasantly surprised to find this out.  The Gardens are beautiful!  You really get the sense, walking around that you are witness to some amazing artisans work.  The craft, love,care and expertise behind these beautiful gardens must be incredible! It was a beautiful sunny day and Eli and I had a blast walking around and  taking pictures,seeing how everything was built (Eli) and just generally absorbing the happy scene.  Yeah for Denver’s Botanic Gardens!!

2 thoughts on “Denver Botanic Gardens”

  1. Laura,
    I really love those pictures. Tulips are so pretty! I will show the pictures to Greg and show him how beautiful it could look, but on a much smaller scale. It would be something to see it in person though!

  2. We love the Botanic Gardens. Seba loves the stream in the Kids garden area and of course the big steep hill to run down.

    Pictures are beautiful

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