Take from this website:http://www.weather.com/news/fall-harvest-moon-slideshow-20120930?pageno=1

Harvest Moon is such a special time!  It would be fun to live in an agrarian lifestyle and be harvesting alongside my friends and family! But, it’s not really like that :-(.  I was excited to see this picture though, on the Weather website, of Sauvie Island, Oregon!  This was one of my favorite places to zoom out to on my moto. A beautiful land surrounded by the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

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  1. Laura dear!! Hey I visited your blog today!! I see that you linked mine to yours – that is so awesome of you thank you! I also saw that great pic of me and Craig on your “role model” page – and that totally warmed my heart! Loves seeing what you are writing as usual…. and seeing what is in your heart! I need to figure out how to link your blog to mine… you know I am slow on this technology thing! lol!! Been thinking of you a lot!!

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